A little unsolicited advice for those applying for web development positions.

Please stop listing your role from a bootcamp as "Software Engineer". Making it look like a job is not helping you out.

Printed a case for my new Pi. I love being able to just find something and print it.

Haven’t built any robots in awhile, so I’m putting my new printer to use to build an Otto Humanoid wikifactory.com/+OttoDIY/human

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Medium is now threatening to cut me off after loading two articles. (Or the same article twice. Which can happen if you use Reader Mode.)

Honestly, thanks. I would prefer to read almost anywhere but Medium.

@adam I downloaded and extracted it on the server. 👍🏻

@adam I can run it from the server to make sure everything is good for now. But I would like to get it running again on my laptop.

@adam I can’t run borg at all locally. It just errors out. Installed Python 3 but that did not help.

@adam I tried to pull down my backup to my laptop to verify that it was working correctly. Then Python. Now I’m watching football. 😂

Setting up borg -> rsync.net for social.robtarr.net has me over here shaving this guy

@adam 4:00 on Friday and I just prevented Grunt from being added to a project. I think I get to be done for the week, right?

@adam @peregrine That Synology is now sitting on my desk and I'm happy with it. 😄

But there are 0 Daniel Tiger episodes on it...

If you're trying to showcase your GitHub web projects to get a job, I might recommend live examples instead of asking the viewer to download and setup your project.

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Plan & test & measure & monitor your code!

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Shipped a small utility: podcastfilter.com. It allows you to filter a podcast feed by matching terms in the episode descriptions and returns a new feed URL containing just those matched episodes.

source is here: git.sr.ht/~asimpson/podcast-fi

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Nvidia just replaced video codecs with a neural network.

This is pretty mind-blowing: youtube.com/watch?v=NqmMnjJ6GE

I don't even wanna think about further implications like faked recordings, online impersonation or the impact on Hollywood productions.

@adam rsync.net it is. I’m also setting up a backup to my synology.

@adam I was thinking S3 Glacier. Cost is negligibly different, any benefits to rsync.net?

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